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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1.9 Null Coordinates

1.9  Null Coordinates

...according to Lorentz's view all configurations of objects moving through the absolute ether must be capable of infinite spatial "contractions" and temporal "dilations", without the slightest distortion. 
- The Sagnac class of experiments invalidate the Lorentz transformations and the Lorentz fixed/absolute aether as relevant  in physics.

..he [Lorentz]  held to the possibility that absolute speed might, after all, make some difference to the intrinsic relations between physical entities.  However, one hundred years after Lorentz's time, there still is no evidence to support his suspicion. 
- Lorentz died in 1928, 15 years after the Sagnac exp., which showed that the aether measured in the lab frame makes a difference in the measured speed of light.  If only Sagnac’s result  had been properly interpreted and promulgated, his intuition would have been acknowledged in his lifetime.

To the contrary, all the tremendous advances of the last century in testing the Lorentz transformation "to the nth degree" have consistently confirmed it's exact validity.
- Except for experiments sensitive enough to detect aether effects.

At some point a reasonable person must ask himself "What if the Lorentz transformation really is exactly correct?" 
- This could only be true in a world where aether doesn’t exist, or has no effects on motion.

Einstein's central contribution to modern relativity was the idea that there is no one "true" simultaneity between spatially separate events, but rather spacetime events are only partially ordered, and the decomposition of space and time into separate variables contains an inherent ambiguity on the scale of 1/c. 
- Simultaneity in the absolute time of the ALFA model is well-defined and space sequences are well-ordered.  Simultaneity determination requires the knowledge of the distance between events and the aether effect on the measurement of the events.

(Late in life, as Einstein continued arguing against Bohr's notion of complementarity in quantum mechanics, one of his younger colleagues said "But Professor Einstein, you yourself originated this kind of positivist reasoning about conjugate variables in the theory of space and time", to which Einstein replied "Well, perhaps I did, but it's nonsense all the same".)
-an incisive anecdote

Summary: More math diversions, devoid of physical content.


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